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Building Your Mental Health

mentalhealth Physical health is important, but being in good health also means feeling well mentally.

Poor mental health can lead to many physical health issues, making it important to look after both our body and mind. Setting aside the time to focus on your mental well being and emotional health is important to finding balance in your life and providing you with the ability to better manage stressful life events.

There are many supports available to help you improve your mental health. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Seek out self-help books from your local book store
  • Attend a local support group in your community where you can share and learn from others going through a similar situation
  • Practice relaxation techniques (join a yoga class, practice deep breathing)
  • Speak with a mental health professional or other healthcare provider

Visit the Canadian Mental Health Association to find additional support
or visit Check Up From the Neck Up to assess your mental health www.checkupfromtheneckup.ca

Take the time this year to assess your mental fitness!

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